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Gallatin Brewing Company

Gallatin Brewing Co.Inc. opened in 1933 and closed in 1939 and was open for 6 years. The brewery was a revival of the son of Montana beer forefather Julius Lehrkind’s son Carl but last only 6 years.

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  • Old Faithful Beer Bottle Opener. This is one of my favorite pieces of art associated with Montana classic brewania.  We offer these in solid pine/whitewood. Or with a light stain or in composite veneer version.

    Gallatin Brewing Company, 1933-1939, Bozeman, Montana:

    The brewery was a post prohibition revival by the son of Montana beer forefather Julius Lehrkind. The elder Lehrkind built Bozeman beer into a pre-prohibition giant. Many say prohibition literally broke his heart. He died just a few years after it took effect in 1922.

    His son,Carl Lehrkind, took up the mantle but the effort lasted only 6 years. The company closed due to economic factors including robust national completion, increased costs, a switch to cans by many national brewers and other issues affecting many smaller independent brewers. The Lehrkind family name lives on in Montana with their soft drink company started to hold them over during prohibition.


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